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Safe, Secure Storage

Seeking efficient, cost-effective inventory storage and related services? TLC Warehouse offers a 77,000 sq. ft. food-grade warehouse that is fully equipped with security alarms and video recording (inside and outside of the building). In addition to safe, secure storage of your inventory, you can rely on TLC Warehouse to provide related tracking, documentation, and transportation assistance.

TLC Warehouse’s services include:

Long-Term or Short-Term Storage

Whether you need to store inventory for a week, a month, or indefinitely, TLC Warehouse can meet your needs with pricing by the pallet or by the square foot.

Project Services

TLC Warehouse can assist you with any inventory-related project, regardless of size or complexity. Just let us know what you need.

Cross-Docking Services

Allow us to meet all of your cross-docking needs, from moving product trailer-to-trailer, unloading a container, sorting and segregating product, palletizing, and/or stretch wrapping.


Consolidating larger LTL shipments can help reduce your transportation costs.

Reverse Logistics

Let us consolidate your return goods, prepare all documentation, and return product to you on your schedule.


We can maintain active inventory control of your product, ensuring that you know exactly what is available at any moment.

Consulting Services

TLC Warehouse will gladly assist you in planning the storage and movement of your product to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Through our associated companies, we can meet all your needs in transportation as well as warehousing.

TLC Warehouse

With a 77,000 sq. ft. facility and comprehensive inventory services … we’ve got you covered.

Contact Us

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6075 East Shelby Dr. #1
Memphis, TN 38141
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Mail: P.O. Box 752148
Memphis, TN 38175
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